Living History takes students to colonial times

Jessica PickensStaff Writer

October 3, 2012

From candle making to learning the Virginia Reel, elementary and middle school students were taken back to colonial times on Monday during Elkin Muster Ground Field Day Annual Reenactment.

The Overmountain Victory Trail Association (OVTA) has been holding this event for fourth and eighth graders for the past 10 years.

“We look at the curriculum of fourth and eighth grade classes and match our program to it with North Carolina history,” said R.G. Absher, President of the Wilkes-Surry Chapter of the OVTA.

During the reenactment field day, students learn about the history of the Overmountain Victory Trail to Kings Mountain through reenactments. Some of these include learning about weapons used during that time period, games played, how furniture was made and the treatment of African-Americans.

The OVTA is always looking for new people to do reenactments. For more information e-mail absher-r@juno.com or call 902-1760 to join the reenactments.

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