Elkin Police Blotter

Chris Siers, Sports Writer

August 11, 2010

Passing a counterfeit bill
On Aug. 3, the Elkin Police Department was called in response to a counterfeit bill passed at the Kentucky Fried Chicken on N. Bridge St., Elkin.
According to an EPD investigative report, KFC restaurant manager said that a white female in her early 30s, approximately 5 7 with dyed blonde hair, had entered the store half an hour earlier and attempted to pay with a $20 bill. Revels said that the bill was obviously counterfeit by the feel of the paper on which it was printed and also that the print was out of line.
Revels said that she told the suspect she could tell the bill was counterfeit. The suspect then returned to her vehicle, a late-model, white Jeep, spoke with a male suspect in the vehicle and retrieved a $20 bill, which according to Revels, did not appear to be counterfeit.
The EPD report states that approximately one to two hours after a be on the lookout bulletin was released, a Surry County Sheriffs deputy contacted the EPD to report that a woman matching the female suspects description had attempted to pass a counterfeit $100 bill at Cedarbrook Country Club in Elkin. Although Cedarbrook could not produce surveillance video to confirm the suspects features, the EPD officer returned to the Elkin KFC restaurant the next day and was put in contact with the chains district manager, who had the surveillance footage in her possession. The district manager said that she would locate the previous days surveillance video and turn it in to the authorities. The case remains open for further investigation.
On Aug. 6, the Elkin Police Department responded to the Elkin Walmart in reference to a larceny of tools and school supplies.
According to an EPD investigative report, the Walmart manager told police that a male suspect wearing a gray t-shirt and gray hat had been seen shoplifting. The responding EPD officer saw a man matching the managers description outside of the store. After stopping the suspect and patting him down, the EPD officer found a new and unused Stanley pick set in the mans front right pocket. When the manager came outside to identify the suspect, the manager stated that it was the correct person and he had earlier observed him opening the tools and placing them inside his pocket. Although the suspect was carrying no personal identification at the time, he was found to be Randy Lee Reese of Sparta. Reese was placed under arrest and put inside the officers patrol car.
Before leaving Walmart property, Reese advised police that his girlfriend, Melinda Emlene Cortes, a.k.a. Hernandez, of Sparta, was with him inside the store. EPD officers located Hernandez inside the Walmart and brought her to the patrol car. At that time, the Walmart manager exited the store to tell police that Hernandez, also, was stealing merchandise. When asked to show her receipt, which showed proof of purchase for school folders, Hernandez was also found in possession of an open dry erase board, a pack of dry erase markers, glitter markers and two packs of stickers estimated at a total of $14. Hernandez admitted to stealing the school supplies, presented the officer with a valid N.C. Identification Card and was released with a citation.
Reese was transported to the Dobson Magistrate office and issued a $500 secured bond with a holding order until he could produce valid identification. Reese was then released into the custody of the Surry County Jail.
On Aug. 3, the Elkin Police Department was called to Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital in reference to a larceny of automobile parts.
According to an EPD investigative report, the officer spoke with Jaqueline Johnston of Wilkesboro, who said that sometime between 7:30 a.m. and 8 p.m. someone had taken the front emblem off of her BMW, which was parked in the hospitals imaging center parking lot. Johnston estimated the value of the front emblem at $45, plus additional labor costs.
No surveillance footage was available for that area of the hospitals parking lot. The case was closed due to further leads being exhausted.
On Aug. 4, the Elkin Police Department was called to Car Care Auto Sales of Elkin in reference to a larceny of automobile parts.
According to an EPD investigative report, Carter Samples, owner of Car Care Auto Sales, told police that earlier in the day he had attempted to start a 1997 Nissan truck, which was parked in his lot, and found that the catalytic converter had been cut off of the vehicle.
Samples told police that the vehicle had not been moved since July 24, 2010. He estimated the value of the catalytic converter at approximately $300.
No surveillance footage was available and Samples had no suspects of the incident. The case was closed due to further leads being exhausted.
On Aug. 4, the Elkin Police Department was called to the Elkin Walmart in reference to a shoplifting incident.
According to the EPD investigative report, a Walmart official told police that Mark Anthony Mayes of Thurmond, had removed several DVDs and pieces of telephone equipment from their original containers and placed them inside his pants.
The Wal-mart official told police that he had stopped Mayes as he was exiting the store. Mayes was cooperative with store personnel and police. He was then charged with larceny and released.
Obtaining money through false pretenses
On Aug. 6, Ray Edison Norman, owner of N and W Auto Sales of Elkin, entered the Elkin Police Department to file a report claiming that checks written in his businesss name were cashed under false pretenses.
According to the report Norman filed with EPD officials, Norman told police that earlier in the day he had received N & W Auto Saless bank statement and noticed that some of the checks looked odd. Norman claimed that some of the checks were written while he was on vacation. He then told police that he had asked another employee of N & W Auto Sales if he or she knew anything about the checks in question and the person said that he or she did not.
Norman went to the bank and filed an affidavit of forgery while also filing a larceny report with the Jonesville Police Department. The bank advised Norman that one of his checks had been cashed in Elkin as well. On the check, the bank employee had written the identification number of the man that had cashed it, and the number traced back to a resident of Winston-Salem. The check was written for $3,640. The case remains open for further investigation.
Assault with a deadly weapon, careless and reckless driving
On Aug. 7, the Elkin Police Department was called to Walmart in reference to a disturbance.
According to an EPD investigative report, Heather Harrell of Jonesville told police that a white male with numerous tattoos and wearing blue camouflage pants had walked up to her and her sister and taken a picture of the 19 year-old sister. Harrell said that she and her sister followed the suspect to his vehicle, demanding the camera. The suspect threw the camera on the ground and crushed it with his foot before tossing it in a trashcan. While the Harrell and her sister stood behind the suspects vehicle to record the license tag number, the suspect drove his car in reverse, nearly hitting the victim.
As Harrell told the officer this information, an unknown witness in the parking lot pointed out the suspect fleeing across the lanes of the parking lot at a high rate of speed in a silver Dodge passenger car with chrome wheels. The car was traveling past several pedestrians in addition to heavy vehicular traffic as it sped through the busy parking lot.
The car exited the Walmart parking lot and turned east onto C.C. Camp Road before exiting onto U.S. 77 South, at which point the officer entered into pursuit. The pursuing EPD officer followed the vehicle down the interstate at a speed of approximately 85 mph and, after receiving the suspects home address from EPD dispatch, went to the suspects residence with a Jonesville police officer.
When the two officers arrived at the suspects home, a man matching the victims description of the suspect answered the door. When questioned about what happened earlier at the Walmart, the suspect told police that he had been walking through the store when the two girls started accusing him of taking a picture of one of them. He said that he then left the Walmart and continued through the parking lot but the girls demanded to have the camera. The suspect claimed that he then threw the camera to the ground, stomped it and tossed it in a trash can. He added that he did not attempt to run over anyone while leaving the parking lot.
After contacting an EPD sergeant who had spoken with the victims, the officer was advised to take the suspect into custody because the victim had chosen to press charges. The suspect was then taken back to Walmart where both the victim and the witness gave a positive identification.
The suspect was later identified as Michael Brian Sayles of Jonesville. Sayles was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and reckless driving. He was transported to the Surry magistrate where he received a $3,000 secure bond before being released to the custody of the Surry County Jail.