A daycare for your pooch

Christine Weatherman Staff Writer

December 30, 2009

Is your puppy lonely when you go to work? Do you worry that he's lonely all day without you? Does your pooch need some playtime? The Doggy Depot is now open for all your furry friend's daycare needs.
Many people worry about their dog while they are away.
Until recently, there was nowhere for folks to take them dogs during the day.
According to Carrie Ridgell, owner and operator of The Doggy Depot, the new business offers "a full service, cage-free doggie daycare" where dogs can socialize with each other and have fun instead of being alone at home all day.
In addition to daycare, The Doggie Depot also offers boarding and basic grooming like bathing and nail trimming.
Ridgell has lots of experience in taking care of pets.
She is a veterinary technician by trade and has worked at several veterinary hospitals and clinics, most recently at Timbercreek Veterinary Hospital in Jonesville.
Believing that dogs are less aggressive and better behaved when in a social environment, Ridgell will allow the dogs she takes in to play all day without caging. "There is no other kennel around here that lets them run free, they're in cages. Here, they get to play and you don't have to come home to a hyper dog," said Ridgell.
Other benefits Ridgell says you will see in your dog if they attend daycare are reduced behavioral problems and increased confidence and agility.
Also, she believes that having a dog in daycare will give the owner peace of mind that the dog is "safe and happy while you are away during the day."
Ridgell added that she performs a personality screening on each dog before accepting them to the facility, noting that aggressive dogs are not allowed in the daycare.
She has future plans to also accommodate cats, but is concentrating on just dogs for now.
There are still spaces available for boarding over the Christmas holiday.
For your dog to be eligible to attend The Doggy Depot, your dog must be eight weeks or older, must pass a social screening, must be spayed or neutered (if older than eight months) and must be up-to-date on all vaccines.
If you are interested in finding out more, stop by The Doggy Depot at 201 E. Main St. in Elkin or call 428-7448.